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What type/style of trading strategy is the Options Income Machine?

Option buyers are gamblers. They might hit a jackpot every so often, but most of the time lose everything. Option sellers are the casino. In the long run, they are always the real winners. However, in order to be a casino, you need a large bankroll. The ideal solution to get around that and limit your risk when you trade options is to use Credit Spreads. The Options Income Machine is our proprietary credit spread trading strategy. It's completely rule-based and takes all guesswork out of your trading. You can master it and learn how to generate consistent income.

How long do you usually stay in a trade?

Most trades last about 3 to 15 days before exiting the position or rolling profits over to a new trade.

What level of trader is Trade2Live useful for?

Trade2Live is useful for traders of any level. If you're an experienced or professional options trader, you can skip the basic parts of the Options Income Machine course and jump straight into learning the strategy. If you're a beginner, the Options Income Machine course has sections that teach you everything you need to know about options before getting into the main trading strategy. No matter what level of experience you have, you can master this strategy. 

What format is the course and how long will it take to get through it?

The Options Income Machine course is in a video format with 16 videos and 4 interactive assignments. There's around four hours of video, but how long it takes for you to learn the information well is up to you. They will always be there for you to reference.

What type of person is Trade2Live best suited for?

Our Options Income Machine strategy is strictly for anyone who wants to generate consistent income by trading credit spreads on stock options. Once you learn how to utilize the tools we provide, you can spend as little as 15 minutes a day on trading. This is not for gamblers.

How does your 60-Day Guarantee work?

Try our options trading strategy for up to 60 days. And then, if you're not satisfied with what you've learned, just show us you did the work and we’ll refund you the cost of the course.

What tickers does the Trade Identifier Program use?

We provide screenshots of the Trade Identifier Program every morning the market is open on 42 stocks:

Why Trade2Live and not anybody else?

First things first, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can see for yourself why Trade2Live is the way to go. But if you want to hear why from me: To start, I've been involved with options for 40+ years now (trading, teaching, etc.). I've taught traders all over the world how to trade options. I've researched other services similar to mine and I can confidently say all of the ones I came across are a scam. Especially the ones that offer trade alerts. I'm not promising you'll 10x your portfolio in two days (in fact I'm telling you that you won't). I'm providing you with the knowledge and the tools needed to consistently generate income by trading stock options.

What if I have additional questions?

You're welcome to email me at support@trade2live.com at any time. Alternatively, you can click here to schedule a one-on-one call with me.

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Options Income Machine Course

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Winning The Stock Option Game reveals how by mastering the art of options trading, you can become the casino and achieve predictable profits, regardless of market fluctuations.

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Uncover the power of time decay, a fundamental concept that can work to your advantage in any market condition. Learn how to leverage credit spreads to create a consistent income stream while managing risk effectively, just like a casino profits over time. The book's real-world examples, actionable insights, and step-by-step guidance ensure you're equipped with the tools you need to navigate the options market with confidence.

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George Mahshigian

40+ Year Trading Veteran

Founder of Trade2Live, George Mahshigian is a 40+ year trading veteran who specializes in algorithmic options trading.

Currently trading his own account with his proprietary rule-based strategy, George has had an impressive career including:

  • Working as a Floor Broker at Chicago's Mid-West Stock Exchange fresh out of college.

  • Operating a Commodity Trading Advisory firm (CTA) where he managed clients' monies by trading futures and options.

  • Founding a successful Futures Brokerage company (IBB).

George has been an invited speaker at numerous trading conferences and events worldwide. He has also personally coached dozens of clients, teaching them his trading approach.

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